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September Faves – Non Beauty/Fashion


I only have 5 of these, but they are GOOD.

  1. Fang Toy

Yes, I am 20. Regardless, I bought him from the Harry Potter Tour in Leavesden when I went with Matt in September, he was £22.95 (I was expecting him to be more tbh) and I literally love him. He’s quite big so he sits on my bed beside the cushion of my dog and the Disney Tramp toy that my dad bought me. I think that he’s the cutest thing ever because he’s not stereotypically cute, and he’s super cuddly. He reminds me of the best few days I had in London with Matt, and I often wake up cuddling Fang rather than Matt haha.

2. Doctor Foster

If you haven’t been watching this, then what could you possibly have been doing instead? I feel like everyone and their mum has been talking about this show. Ironically, my own mum doesn’t like it because she says it is too dramatic and that ‘no one does that in real life’. While this may be so, I was hooked. This series was the second series, so was very intense and dramatic pretty much from the beginning as the story continued. I caught up on the finale with my friends the other day and literally we all cried. Not only did we all sob uncontrollably throughout the last 15 minutes, we all had to sit in silence and pure shock for a few minutes afterwards. Then we had to have some sweets and chocolate to cheer ourselves up. It was so sad, and so amazingly acted/filmed and just so well written and I just … can’t talk about it any more or I will likely cry again.


3. Liar

Another amazing TV show! I didn’t start watching this when it initially came on, then we binge watched 4 episodes in a couple of days. I literally could not call who was lying. I mean, the guy was in 101 Dalmatians and the lady was in Downton Abbey. I didn’t have a favourite. You find out at the end of episode 3 and let me tell you, I WAS SHOOK. I’ve been harping on at my housemates to watch this ever since it aired on tuesday, and am literally counting down the days until it is on again.



4) Erin Condren Life Planner

I have wanted one of these ever since I was a young teenager and watched Elle and Blair (I forget their usernames) on YouTube, feels like a million years ago! Last year I got into Bullet Journaling, but didn’t want to splurge on the actual Bullet Journal so I just used a Wilko notebook and made my own! I stuck to this for quite a while however the actual drawing up of each monthly/weekly spread took up so much time that I just started getting lazy with it. While I was working over summer, I decided to invest in my dream planner.

5. Amazon Alexa.

I got this for Christmas because everyone I knew has the Bose Mini speaker thing, and I wanted something different. Alexa is amazing, I love being able to just tell her what song I want her to play without moving from my bed. She sets alarms for me, tells me what time it is, what the weather is like, and even sings songs! Honestly, I don’t use all the features on her, I get a monthly email about all the new cool things she can do and there are so many I just forget. Recently they have added hands-free calling to her, which I will definitely be using! The only thing with this was that they didn’t specify that I would need Spotify Premium to request songs, and there was really no point having her if I couldn’t do that. She also isn’t wireless, and the wireless charger is about an extra £50. However, she is still amazing and such a cool thing to bring down to pre-drinks and everyone can just request songs without touching her or a phone and getting sticky alcohol everywhere. She also has some super cool lighting features and can be used in conjunction with compatible smart lights to change room lighting! I didn’t use her over summer because I was so busy and didn’t spend much time in my room, but I have used her almost every day since being back at Uni and I forgot how much I loved her.

61T6B8zafVL._SL1000_ (1)

This is the one I have, I don’t have any photos of mine because it is behind my printer in a dark corner of my room so the lighting is better here. Not my photo. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading about my September Favourites, and especially that you watch both TV shows!


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