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Murderer Monday – “The Vampire of Sacramento”

Murderer Monday – “The Vampire of Sacramento”
“Magic is the envelopment and coercion of the objective world by the ego; it is a dynamic subjectivism. Religion is the coercion ofthe ego by gods and spirits who are objectively conceived beings in control of nature and man.”

This one is pretty twisted. I mean, it’s twisted to kill anyone, but this one is weird AF. Richard Chase was born in 1950 in California, and had a pretty rough upbringing. No excuse of course, but bad childhoods will probably be a reoccurring theme in this series..

Abused by his parents, and growing up in a strict household, he eventually exhibited signs of the Macdonald triad. For those that don’t know, that is bed wetting, arson and cruelty to animals. Cruelty to animals is also a tendency most killers had before they began their sprees. As a young adult, unable to commit to his relationships with girls, he became an alcoholic, drug user, and had a serious case of hypochondria. He complained repeatedly that someone had “stolen his pulmonary artery” and had some crazy beliefs and ‘medical procedures’ he believed were helping him. One being, rubbing oranges on his head as he believed he could absorb Vitamin C by diffusion (erm… no), and shaved his head as he believed his skull had split and wanted to see if bits were moving around. Seriously confused guy. It was later determined that he could not have a successful relationship, because he was only sexually aroused from violent acts.

He moved out of his mother’s house after accusing her of poisoning him, and rented an apartment with friends. These friends didn’t last long, he made them so uncomfortable and refused to move out so effectively forced them to move out. Once he lived alone, he began to capture, kill and devour animals… sometimes raw. He would sometimes blend parts with Coca-cola as he believed it would “stop his heart from shrinking”… I don’t even know what to comment about this except it is disgusting.

After injecting himself with rabbit blood, he was committed into a mental institution, and gained the “Dracula” nickname due to his fascination with blood. Whilst inside, he captured, killed, and drank the blood of two birds from his window, and managed to take blood from therapy dogs with stolen syringes.

He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, and released back to his mother with a load of new medication after being deemed ‘NOT A DANGER TO SOCIETY’. Come on, he was literally obsessed with blood. He was found a short while later naked, and with guns and a bucket of blood in his car, which was found to be cow’s blood and no charges were found. Surely he killed someone’s cow though for that amount… His mother eventually weened him off his medication as she believed he didn’t need it anymore. Everyone’s a doctor aren’t they *rolls eyes*, and she didn’t even report it when he literally ripped open and ate a cat in front of her!

This is where the really awful stuff happens. His first victim was 51 year old Ambrose Griffin, who was unfortunately involved in a drive-by shooting, a “warm-up”, when he was helping his wife unload groceries into the house. Thankfully (in some ways), Richard didn’t get his hands on his body.

Later, he attempted to enter a woman’s house, but her doors were looked. He later admitted to police that he took locked doors as a sign that he was “not welcome” (duh, you’re a murderer) and unlocked doors were an “invitation” (wrong again). He was once chased away by a couple who found him defecating in their son’s bed in their home. In 1978 he shot and killed 3 month pregnant Teresa Wallin after she popped out to the drive to take the rubbish out. Richard surprised her in the hall when she returned, having obviously left the door open. He violated her corpse, removed her organs and one nipple, drank her blood and also collected it in a bucket which he that bathed in IN THE BATH IN THEIR HOME.

Later that week, he entered Evelyn Mirth’s house when she was in the bath, shot her friend Danny who tried to confront him, Evelyn, her 6 year old son Jason, and 11 month old nephew David. He then engaged in cannibalism and necrophilia with Meredith, stole her keys and wallet and fled in her car with David’s body after a child knocked on the door for a playdate, and startled him. Luckily (bit late though) the child alerted a neighbour who called police, who arrived and found Richard’s handprints all over Evelyn’s house. This killing spree is so graphic and sick that I don’t even want to mention all the details of what he did, especially to the poor children. Police by this point had gathered a profile of the type of person who was likely to commit these murders, and had had a tip from a girl Richard once tried to date about him being creepy. Police went to Richard’s house to arrest him and found him leaving in blood-stained clothes which he claimed was the blood of dogs. They found the entire place, notably his eating and drinking utensils, covered in blood. There was also a fridge full of organs wrapped in tin foil and in tupperware boxes. He ate the organs of some of his victims because he believed that he needed to do so to prevent the Nazi’s from turning his blood into powder via poison they had placed under his soap dish… how confusing is that.

In 1979, Chase was tried for second-degree murder on account of his mental illness. The jury found him guilty on all 6 counts, but rejected the argument that he was not guilty by reason of insanity and sentenced him to death. His inmates were so freaked out by him in prison that they tried to convince him to commit suicide, which he did in December 1980, age 30, overdosing on pills he had saved up over a number of months. Ironically, a post-mortem found that his heart was in perfect condition, despite his life-long fears.

Richard had spoken in interviews of his fear of UFO’s and Nazi’s, and claimed that the killings were not his fault as he had to do it to “stay alive”, he also gave one interviewer loads of macaroni and cheese that he had kept in his pockets as he believed the prison guards were trying to kill him by poisoning his food.

Richard Chase is such a unique killer, that he has been recognised and recreated in popular media. He has been mentioned in the shows Luther, CSI and Criminal Minds. He is recognised as a typically “disorganised” killer, choosing random victims and leaving evidence all over the place, not being intelligent enough to plan properly. He is still used as a case study by the FBI as an archetypal model for understanding this type of killer.

“If anything goes wrong, you die first”

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