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Review: Iconic London Sculpt & Boost Brow Cushion

Review: Iconic London Sculpt & Boost Brow Cushion

This is without a doubt, one of the MOST hyped products of the entire year. I’d say that 2017 was the year of Iconic London. Not only do they make the most AMAZING illuminator, but they wowed us all with their never-seen-before brow CUSHION. I had to try it.

I have a love/hate relationship with my eyebrows. Plucking most of them off at age 13 wasn’t the best idea and I had to live with ridiculously wonky and thin brows until I was 19. Microblading was my saviour, but I couldn’t afford to do it again a year later, and to even out my brows the lady literally had to pluck half of one whole eyebrow off and tattoo it back on. Now it’s faded into a reddy scar, I cannot leave the house without some brow-age, so am constantly on the hunt for a product to fill them in, last, and look natural and not blocky. I have heard that this is meant to replicate microblading, and £27 vs £100+ for microblading isn’t a hard decision.

I wasn’t sure about it since it looked dark and liquidy, I got the shade medium. I wasn’t sure how you’d do light strokes with it. After seeing so many videos on this product, I finally took the plunge and paid the £27 for it (still hurts, don’t tell my mum).

It’s actually quite good. I think it would be amazing for someone with properly full brows and real hair, just to shape them a bit, but it does come off a bit during the day on one of my brows. The key is to brush the hairs up first, and keep brushing them before every step whilst applying, i’ve discovered. The brush is really good though! Very angular and thin for neat strokes. I find it a bit weird dipping it in the dark and light colours though, since I do the dark colour for the majority of my brows first then fill out the front sections a bit. Occasionally the front comes out darker than i’d like. It is also really liquidy, yet dries really quickly, which is a bonus, but when you’re trying to blend both colours together and they’re dry it is a bit awkward. I’d prefer it liquidy than set really hard like brow pomades do after a while. It is said to have ‘waterproof and smudge proof formula’, and this is true but is also comes off with makeup remover quite easily.  It does make the tail end of your brow super pointy though! I might use it for the main body of my eyebrows and get a pencil for the front.

Another bonus is also that you don’t waste much product when using this. I discovered that it has Vitamin E within it to stimulate brow growth, which I need loads of aha. I have had a couple of “your eyebrows look nice!” comments from my boyfriend, which is great as he usually just laughs at them when I have no makeup on. This must mean that for once my brows look quite even and natural!

The packaging is beautiful, and I think you pay for that also. It does get covered in concealer-y fingerprints though, and it sometimes hard to open. It’s a really good product but it’s kind of a gimmick. They could’ve just done a little pot of the colour rather than having a flip out lid, extendable brush, spoolie, mirror and rose gold packaging. I mean, i’m glad that it is a bit more luxe since it is more on the expensive side, but it is not all necessary and it could have been made cheaper I think. I sound like i’m moaning, but most days I find myself using the mirror for my whole face. Whack this on, some mascara, liner and concealer and i’m good to go. It is a good product, but the Iconic London illuminator drops are still their number one product. It is also VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE which is the best thing for me, I love that Iconic is such a huge promoter for this and that all of their products are vegan. It is not often that there is a hyped up product that is cruelty free.

I bought it also because it states that it is “limited edition”, but I don’t really believe them.. Cushions seem to be the latest thing in makeup, after cushion foundations and blushers. What’s next, cushion lipstick? You heard it here first. I probably would reapply, the next question is “how long will it last?” and it doesn’t seem to have been around long enough for anyone to answer. Since it is so liquidy, I will be super impressed if it hasn’t all dried before summer. I could probably buy this twice a year, but since I’ve still got loads of my Freedom brow pomade left that I bought over a year ago so would be hesitant to buy this any more than twice a year.

I wonder what Iconic London will come out with next!



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