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How I Am Adjusting to Adult Life

When I first started my blog, I had just started my final year at Uni. My posts started with advice on starting Uni, freshers week etc. Over the last month, my life has drastically changed. I have had to mature and learn a lot in such a short time. From getting our first flat, to starting my first proper job, here’s how I am coping with the shock that comes with “adulting”. (Cute name for something not so cute).

In relation to our flat, I’m still not the best if I’m honest. I work such long hours that I’m not quite used to it yet, but we’ve done our best to make it home. The lady before us pretty much left everything, so we got rid of it all and replaced it with our own stuff. From a couple of bits of new furniture, photos and plants, you really need to make your place your own so that you have somewhere nice to come home to. I’ve really got into burning incense to make it smell amazing which really helps. Everyone’s home has a smell, so aligning our flat with the smell of incense will help us make fond memories of living there.

In terms of bills, I don’t know what’s going on tbh. I started work straight away so Matt organised our water and electricity, I just pay him aha. Our flat came with WiFi, one less thing to worry about. I was so worried that our bills would be huge. To be honest, water isn’t as expensive as I thought, and we have a lot of showers, which was a nice surprise. It’s also cheaper to put your washing machine/dishwasher/dryer on at night with some policies, which is a really good tip to save money.

I wish my mornings actually looked like this, rather than the bleary-eyed reality.

With work, routine is key. I still haven’t mastered this, and I’m quite tired all the time, but it is nice to have got a few hours of work done by the time I would have rolled out of bed when I was at Uni. When I was in school and Uni, I’d always get up ages before I had to leave to get ready. I’d curl my hair, chill out, do my eyeshadow etc. Now, I can be up, showered, ready and out in 40 minutes. I set my alarms for 5:50am and 6:00am. I can’t just leap out of bed, so I need those 10 minutes to either come round, check my phone, or grab some last minute sleep before getting ready.

You need to help yourself the night before as much as you can. I always decide what I’m wearing and leave it out, and usually make my lunch. If I don’t make lunch, I just get something at work rather than rush and stress myself out in the morning. What really helps me out is getting my eyelashes done, because it hardly takes me any time to put makeup on now. Gone are the days of perfectly blended eyeshadow and winged liner every day, which I do miss, but I’ll give it up in the name of sleeping. I’ve also just had my eyebrows done, so it’s just quick base makeup and I’m done.

With work, I’ve suffered a massive shock to the system. I work in a really cool company, but their way of doing things is so unlike anywhere else I’ve worked. I have so much freedom in my job, and I’m trusted to think of things to do and write myself. It’s so unlike Uni, because I have no one telling me “you need to do this, here’s the deadline, go”, I have had to learn how to prioritise my own time.

One thing I’m still struggling with, is telling people I can’t get something done for them RIGHT THIS SECOND, but when I get more confident I’ll be fine. One thing about the brand I work for is that everyone is young, and pretty new, and lots of people have been given new roles, so everyone is learning together which is great. I love the girls I work with, which really helps. I also love being in control of my own projects, and being the only content writer because I am trusted with the responsibility of how the brand comes across via any corresponding literature.

You need to start a new job with no expectations. That way, you can’t be disappointed and things can only look up from there. I switched brands when I started, but you just need to take everything as it comes and throw yourself into it. You may as well make a good impression and try not to be shy. This change turned out to be the best for me, but I’m quite chilled out, for people who worry or struggle with change this would have been a shock. Don’t be your own worst enemy and start with an open mind.

One thing that is difficult to get used to is the commute. It takes me an hour and a half, door to door, to get to work. It doesn’t feel that long, but I get home at 6:30ish every day. From waking up, to walking in the door, it’s a 12.5 hour day. By the time I’ve had my dinner, showered and tidied the bedroom, it’s pretty much 8-9. I was so worried about the commute, but if you love your job then it’s not that bad. My commute also consists of both driving, and a walk/bus so it helps me relax before and after work. Most days I listen to the Mile Higher Podcast, it’s all about mysteries/missing people/unexplained phenomena etc, it’s addictive!

I had expectations to throw myself into the gym and into blogging as soon as I got home, but the reality was far from that. I was really disappointed in myself for the first couple of weeks, but then I accepted it. It’s hard to be out of the house for 12 hours and still have the energy to do a full workout. It’s also difficult to blog because I only have a couple of hours, so I can’t get as much done as I’d like.

Overall, I’m still new to this. I still haven’t figured out all of my finances, I’m still tired when I wake up, and I still have to ask questions at work. The point is, it’s all fine. I figured I’d do an update on where I’m at since I’ve been off social media a lot, but I’m getting better. This post wasn’t the usual tips and tricks/specific advice that I like doing, but that’s because I’m still figuring stuff out for myself. Starting work, moving out, and becoming an adult is terrifying, until you actually start.

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