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Review: Bling Boss | Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Part 2

On to the second part of our Jaclyn Hill x Morphe review, this time we’re looking at the Bling Boss palette.

This little gem is arguably the girlie one of the bunch, full of pinks and glitters, and perfect for all year round. Perhaps a similar, and slightly more affordable version of the new Anastasia Norvina palette.


I’m not gonna lie, I was way more impressed with how these colours swatched than I was with the Armed & Gorgeous palette. Maybe my brush wasn’t damp enough when I did those swatches, or perhaps it’s just because these are more of my go-to colours, but I was amazed by them. They definitely swatch better when damp as opposed to dry, but I also like this because it means that the colours build up well when applied dry. With such vibrant shades, it’s definitely better to go in with a little at a time than go whole hog and slap a load of purple on your lid that you end up blending right up to your forehead.

Again, there is minimal fallout and the shades are very smooth and blendable. The shimmer/glitter shades are also incredibly smooth and finely-milled, just as easy to blend as the matte shades rather than being chunky as shimmer shades sometimes are. There is also little fall out in the palette when you put your brush into the shades, even in the bright colours. I think I got the most fall out using Pizzazz. 


There are 4 matte shades, then 6 beautiful jewel-toned shaded ranging from shimmery to glittery (yes there is a difference aha).

Row 1:

  • Bling Bling (silvery pink glitz)
  • Hush Hush (matte lilac mauve)
  • Gem (vibrant violet sheen)
  • Pizzazz (glistening magenta)
  • Mystic (matte blackberry)

Row 2:

  • Sparks (matte ruby red)
  • Glitz & Glam (shimmering rose gold)
  • Rockstar (matte mulberry)
  • Ballsy (glistening mauve pink)
  • Berry Treasure (glittering charcoal black)

I’d say I was most impressed with Berry Treasure, I have honestly never seen a shade quite like it. At first glance, it’s jet black, but when you allow it to catch the light or swatch it, it contains the most beautiful pink hue and shimmer. Absolutely stunning.

I have literally 0 complaints about this palette, it is perfect.

I’m sorry this blog is so short, to find out about the packaging and my thoughts on the whole issue with the pigmentation, read the first part of this series here.

Purchase here. 


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