The Lazy Girls Skincare Routine

“Healthy skin is a measure of overall wellness” – Dr Murad

I should be better at doing a full skincare routine every day, working for a skincare brand and owning a heck of a lot of it, but I’m really not. Most days I just about remove my lipstick before pouring myself into bed.

After much trial and error, I think I’ve narrowed my weekday skincare routine down to 3 key products that are quick, do the job, and I can do in the warmth of my bed.

1. Cleanser

I hate cleansing, I love the thought of it and the feeling afterwards, but the action of wetting my face whilst also avoiding my eyelashes, microblading and hairline is just too much effort. I know you shouldn’t use wipes and that they’re really bad, but I’ve discovered some amazing ones. First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads. You’re meant to use them after cleansing, it says so on the packet, but they’re really good at removing makeup. I don’t wear loads so I think that’s why they work for me.

Initially they look really small, but they’re really damp, so one really covers your whole face. They’re marketed as helping “exfoliate, tone and brighten”, and I believe they do as they say. One side is rougher than the other, so I tend to use the smooth side first to remove traces of makeup, then use the rough side to remove any left over and any dull skin cells.

I used these throughout my first year of uni and I also found that they cleared up my teenage breakouts!

Cleansing done, what’s next?

2. Toner

I never appreciated the importance of toning until this year and now I am pretty vigilant with doing my face and neck. I use the spritzer version of the ESPA Balancing Cleanser. The mist is so light that you don’t have to worry about drenching your face or clothing. I spray it quite liberally and still don’t feel damp!

3. Serum

I tend to do my skincare right before bed, when I don’t fancy feeling sticky and waiting for anything to sink in. Yes, there a lot of lightweight moisturisers, however if I could only pick 1 more, I’d go for a serum. Serums still hydrate and nourish the skin, but they are a different texture entirely and are created with ingredients that penetrate deeper into the skin than those in moisturisers. Moisturisers over the top just lock in the benefits of a serum. You can get serums for all different skin concerns, but for an overall great serum that improves your skin and gives you a glow, I use the Mitchell and Peach Flora No.1 Fine Radiance Facial Oil.

Usually on the weekend I do my full in-depth skincare routine, but for those days where I just want to come in from work and go to bed, this is perfect for me.

Mitchell and Peach Flora No. 1 Fine Radiance Facial OilFirst Aid Beauty Facial Radiance PadsESPA Balancing Herbal SpaFresh Spritzer


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