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How I Wash My Brushes

washed makeup brushesAfter collecting makeup brushes for a good 8 years now, I feel I am well practised in washing them and making them last. I still have the first brush I bought from Superdrug when I was in Year 8 (my first grown-up brush) and it is still going strong.

While I think that washing my makeup brushes seems like a mammoth task to me before I start, it is mightily satisfying.  Having suffered from acne when I was younger, I cleaned my brushes more regularly to try and avoid spreading too many germs across my face. While this isn’t an issue for me anymore and I clean my brushes, admittedly not enough, I still feel I have a good method of doing so. If you’re interested (i’m sure most people know how to do this anyway), keep reading 🙂

Things you will need:

  1. Brushes (I don’t mean to be patronising)
  2. Sponges if you use them
  3. Cleaning Pad – mine is only from Primark.
  4. Baby Shampoo/Micellar Water/Cleanser
  5. Antibacterial Soap
  6. Towel
  7. MUSIC

Step 1:

Make sure you have a folded towel laid lengthways down somewhere in your bathroom (I recommend doing this in a sink-bearing room), so you can just place the brushes down without dripping water all over the place. Also make sure your cleaning supplies are within reach.

Step 2: 

Dip your brushes into your cleansing water/brush cleaner or pour shampoo/soap onto them. I don’t think it massively matters what you use as long as the product is meant to sanitise or remove makeup.

primark micellar cleansing waterradox antibacterial soapmakeup brush cleaning pad

Step 3:

Swirl your brushes around on your pad, or in your palm if you don’t have one. I got my brush pad a few years ago and I swear it actually does a better job of giving your brushes a deep clean. Keep adding a tiny bit of soap or dipping your brush into your cleanser until the water runs clean when you swirl the brush. I wouldn’t recommend hot water as it could make the glue that keeps the bristles in start to melt.

Step 4:

Give the bristles a squeeze and place your brushes on the towel. I put my small eye brushes facing one way and my big face brushes facing the opposite way so that they don’t drip on each other and take longer to dry.

Step 5:

Once you have washed all your brushes, either unfold the towel over to cover all of them or use a different towel to give them another pat and remove any excess water.

(I recommend doing this after you have put your makeup on in the morning so that the brushes have an ample 24 hours to dry – however I appreciate that this is difficult for people who aren’t a student with midweek days off like me haha)

My brush collection ranges from Morphe, Real Techniques, Sigma, Unicorn ones, U-SPICY, and Superdrugs own.

Happy Swirling!washed makeup brushes


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