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This blog began in the summer before my last year of University, studying for a degree in English at the University of Liverpool.

I realised that, after many failed attempts at blogging over the years due to fear of someone from high school finding out, that I simply don’t care anymore. (Along with a failed YouTube attempt – we do not speak of it). In fact, I now want people to read what I write.

Maybe a proper introduction would be a good start? Ok. I am a 21 year old girl who is obsessed with dogs, is a big Medieval Literature nerd, and also has a secret passion for beauty, skincare, lifestyle and fashion. Going from a shy, overweight girl with bad skin, braces, and a god-awful hairstyle, I never thought I had a place in that world. I wasn’t particularly good at makeup, I barely owned any that wasn’t from the front of a magazine, I SEVERELY over plucked my eyebrows at 13 so thought no one would take me seriously, and I could hardly tell people about my skincare routine with an acne-riddled face and a drawer full of antibiotics.

Luckily, most of this has now changed for me. I lost a substantial amount of weight in my first year of University, my skin cleared up, teeth straightened, change of hair colour and by some miracle, bagged myself a boyfriend (still shocked, yes), and I work alongside my studies which enabled be to dabble in the world of high end makeup and skincare. I SWEAR BeautyBay must be more addictive than most drugs.

However, none of the jobs I have held have fuelled any passion or desire to continue them when I am older. I have worked in restaurants, marketing at charities, Human Resources and IT. Whilst along the way, I met people whom I hope will be my lifelong friends, however I cannot say I felt much drive. However satisfying it is finishing sending a letter, or shredding a huge pile of paper, I could not see myself doing this 9-5 for the rest of my life. Well, not without some platform or place of my own.

This is where my blog comes in. I am hoping that it offers me a release and a space to fuel my creativity. (I know my boyfriend Matt will prefer online creativity than me handing him a load of stickers and photos and making him scrapbook with me). It is a place I am finally allowing myself to admit, ‘Yes, I love makeup! And clothes! And owning a drawer full of skin creams!’ Whilst this is true, (although I do not proclaim to be very skilled or knowledgable), I also want to write about whatever issue I feel passionate about, or have opinions on at the time. I would like to tell you why Liverpool is the best place ever, (biased?) discuss my degree, tell others about my teenage years and experiences, and just write! I tell you, for an English student who’s third year will focus on English Language modules, Medieval Literature and a Dissertation on The Canterbury Tales, I need a piece of writing I can have full reign of! I’ve finally plucked up the courage to admit that this has been something i’ve wanted to do for a good 7 years. I’m hoping that somebody will want to read along for the ride as well..

Publications and Collaborations:

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  • Liverpool Urban Hair Show Online Magazine
  • Liverpool Urban Hair Show and Hair Heals
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