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ESPA Skincare

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As Brand Executive, Content Executive then Content & Social Media Manager for ESPA Skincare, I wrote and managed the success of the ESPA blogs. Within my role I was also responsible for the campaign name, ideation and press kit copy which was then distributed to all other digital channels to execute the campaign.

New Product Development

Active Nutrients Collection

ESPA’s beloved Optimal collection has been a firm favourite for nearly 10 years, but the time has now come for our bestselling range to have a brand new look, now known as “Active Nutrients”.

The Mindful Traveller Collection

Discover the beauty of luxury skincare and save space in your suitcase for mementos with ESPA’s newest limited-edition travel collection.

Wellbeing Teas

Be inspired by ESPA’s Signature Blends and enjoy a therapeutic tea ritual to holistically balance your whole wellbeing. Feel and look your best from the inside out, radiating natural beauty and inner calm. 

Aromatic Diffuser Pod

The ultimate companion for modern living, with a scent to suit every mood. Helping you to scent your space with positivity as you wake up and inspire a true sense of calm as you wind down, enjoy this wellbeing wonder every day.  

New Connection Blend

Introducing our new Connection blend, a sensual aromatherapy blend to inspire deeper connections and intimate moments. 

New Restful Collection

Say good night to restless sleep and good morning to feeling energised with ESPA’s new Restful collection. 

New Facial Tools

Grab your #BestAccessory and with ESPA’s newest range of skincare tools, designed to enhance the efficacy of your routine and provide you with the best results possible. 

The Eco Essentials Collection

Embrace the earth’s natural ingredients in your daily life, with the new ESPA Essentials collection.  

Depuff & Soothe Eye Gel

Waking up with tired, puffy eyes is a common concern, which is why ESPA have created their Depuff and Soothe Eye Gel. 

Modern Alchemy Collection

Sacred rituals and ancient wisdom, reimagined for modern day souls

Home Fragrance Collection

Discover the next chapter of ESPA’s scent story in 2020 with the new ESPA Home Fragrance collection.

Positivity Body Oil

Experience a burst of happiness with ESPA’s Signature Blends collection.

Tri-Active Resilience Collection

Respect, nurture and support the skins delicate microbiome while effectively keeping skin hydrated which maintains effective barrier function. 



ESPA have evolved and are continually implementing changes to become an even more environmentally-friendly brand.

Unearth Your Second Nature

Begin the journey to a holistically new you.

Scientific Skincare Glossary

Scientific terms and ingredients to further your skincare knowledge.

Festive Campaigns

Festive Retreat 2020

Celebrate the reunions that we have experienced this year and the new-found appreciation for the little things in life.

Festive Retreat Gift Collection

Discover the 2020 gift collection and find the perfect treat for your loved ones.

Precious Moments Collection 2019

Christmas is about spending time with loved ones. Precious moments that last a fleeting minute, yet create memories that last a lifetime.