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Review: B. Cosmetics and Skincare. Worth it??


Since i’ve been trying to stick to cruelty free brands for my makeup and skincare, i’ve learnt a lot about what goes on behind the scenes of some of these huge companies we see in Boots and Superdrug, and explored a lot more brands that previously I would have just walked past. One of these is B. Cosmetics, Superdrug’s recently revamped own brand of completely vegan and cruelty free makeup and skincare that has only been around since 2013.

I’ve tried quite a few products from this brand now and they literally have everything you could want! I thought writing a review of what I have used and how it had affected my skin. I hope this post encourages someone else to try a new brand of something, whether it’s cruelty free or not. I’d not heard of this brand until I researched what brands I could use, and wondered whether it was good value for money or even if the products were any good? Read on to find my verdict!

B. Pure Micellar Water. Price: £4.99 (Now £2.47) Rating: 10/10

I used to be a hard core Garnier Micellar water addict, when I found out it wasn’t cruelty free I genuinely panicked. I’d forgotten how I used to take my makeup off before this. Alas, never fear, I found this. I sometimes found with the Garnier one that when I had to take my eye makeup off, I had to swipe the cotton pad round my face a bit so it wasn’t soaked in the product as when it was it would make my eyes a bit sore, however not with this. The bottle says it is “ideal for all skin types, even for the most sensitive” so ideal for everyone really. It also says that the product “cleanses, tones and refreshes”, and it definitely does all 3. Even better, no need for a toner with this and it’s got cucumber extract in it (the refreshing part).

I’ve seen variations of this product in different bottles and sizes, but i’d say this was the best one. I like that it’s a squeezy bottle and not a dropper like a lot of B.’s skincare products as it allows you to control how much you put on your cotton pad. Unlike other cleansers I have used, it also makes getting eyelash glue off my eyelids easier as it makes it tacky so it’s easier to peel off if there is any left behind. The only thing about this is that it smells like hand sanitizer, quite alcohol-y, but it’s a clean smell so I don’t mind too much.

B. Pure Micellar Oil. Price: £6.99 (now £3.45) Rating: 5/10

Not gonna lie, not sure on this one. I have really sensitive eyes, and when I used this to take my liner off it made my eyes really water for the whole evening. I know it’s an oil, but it’s really damn oily. It’s labelled as a “milk to oil cleanser”. I find it a bit annoying to use since I want to use a cleanser to clean my face, not to oil up my face then have to use another cleanser to remove all the residue left on my skin. That being said, it does make my skin feel really smooth and any marks I had have faded considerably since using this I feel.

Maybe the lesson is just to use it for face makeup then keep makeup wipes handy. The dropper applicator as opposed to a squeezy bottle is also slightly annoying. The bottle does say to apply to a wet face, and I hate splashing cold water onto my face but when I tried it it did work, but i’d rather just use a normal cleanser. It just makes taking your makeup off a longer process than usual, and i’m too lazy to do that. It’s enough effort taking it all off at the end of the day anyway.

Hydrated Hyaluronic Acid Spritz: Price: £7.99 (now £3.95) Rating: 7/10

This is a new product for me, i’ve never seen anything quite like it. Typical me, I got the one with the dud pump, it’s more of a jet than a fine mist, but it’s still great. I forget to use it everyday, but I like to put some on my hands and apply it to my face before bed. It’s not sticky at all and leaves no residue, it sinks into the skin like water.

Hyaluronic acid is really beneficial for skin because it helps the skin absorb as much moisture as possible, overall diminishing wrinkles (bit too young to test this) and help skin become more supple. It protects the top layer of skin against nature’s elements as well, so less damage. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well, which I did find as I tend to have a few red marks on my skin from past teenage blemishes. It’s multi-purpose because you can put it straight onto skin like I do, or spray on top of makeup to add some dewiness. The “all skin phases” means that it is suitable for skin of all ages, they also have one specifically for Phase 1 which is people in their 20s.

Pro Duo Liner (Black). Price: £6.99 (now £4.66) Rating: 8/10

I have repurchased this liner twice now, and I think it’s fab. It’s maybe a couple of pounds more expensive than usual drugstore liquid eyeliners, but you do get 2-in-1. I find myself using the thin end more than the fat end, it’s easier to do a wing. The fat end is good for drawing across your eyelid, then the thin end for the wing. It’s super jet black as well and really easy to get a super thin line and precise application as that is what I struggled with when I first started using eyeliner. The sharpie-feel takes away some of the fear I have with other liners, and it’s really comfortable to hold.

The one problem I noticed is that it dries out quite fast, especially the thin end, probably because I use it every single day. However, it is also really long-lasting throughout the day and doesn’t transfer onto the top of your lid if you get a bit sweaty despite it not claiming to be waterproof. It is also really easy to remove, I can’t see myself straying from this liner for the foreseeable future.


I haven’t tried their pigments, but from what I have seen in store and online there isn’t a huge selection and most of them are relatively neutral shades. Even the glitters look more like shimmer powder than glitter pigments, but don’t knock them until you try them I guess! They range from about £5-9, currently about £3.32 so they won’t break the bank.

Matte Foundation N1 Price: £9.99 Rating: 10/10

I know it’s what’s inside that counts but I have to say that this is the best packaging ever. I’m one to throw my makeup around in a drawer, into a makeup bag or handbag, so dainty glass packaging or one’s with lids that fall off easily is not ideal. This is a plastic squeezy tube, WITH a pump!! Perfect! AND the lid doesn’t fall off.

The shade range is also fab, rather than the classic “ivory”/”warm beige” it has Neutral, Cool and Warm labelled and numbered shades so you can find your perfect one. It’s also available in both matte and silk. I got the shade N1, and I think it makes my skin look really good. Personally, i’m not a massive foundation wearer. Before buying this,  I hadn’t worn foundation since I was in about year 11, as I thought it made me look cakey so I just didn’t bother, but a little bit of this really improves the appearance of my skin and I absolutely love it.

Stubborn Eye Makeup Remover: £7.99 (now £3.95) Rating: 8/10 

I really like this. I haven’t tried it on waterproof mascara, but it does get your eye makeup off really quickly. You have to give it a good shake before you use it as it seperates into blue and clear liquid. Mine did this the day I bought it, and from a distance I thought I only had half a bottle and panicked! It’s quite a small bottle, but i’d use it along with my micellar water and use that for my face. I won’t use this everyday, but for days when i’ve got eyeshadow and lashes on (admittedly most days), i’ll use this. The bottle is a little annoying as it’s a dropper and isn’t squeezy, but it doesn’t bother me too much. It’s good for sensitive eyes as well and helps your skin as it has cucumber extract and Vitamin B5 in it, bonus right?

Sparkling Water Cleanser: Price: £6.99 (now £3.45) Rating: 8/10

I’m an absolute magpie and what first attracted me to this product was the name, Korean beauty inspired maybe? It’s an interesting concept though, that’s one of the things I’ve found about this brand. It’s a gel, almost jelly cleanser that turns into water on the skin, but it’s meant to be a double cleanse after you have already taken your makeup off to give you that squeaky-clean feeling. I don’t think it would kill you to take your makeup off with though, I know I certainly will on a lazy day, but it won’t be as good at taking your makeup off as micellar water will as it’s not meant to break down layers of makeup.

It is a good product just to make sure you have every last scrap off after a full face glam day. It’s not harsh on the skin at all, leaves no residue, and is “light” as the package states, although the bubbles tend to be in the bottle but not really on your skin. It’s definitely like nothing i’ve tried before, and I really love it so far. Can never have too much cleanser right? I’ve only given it 8/10 because i’m too lazy to cleanse twice every day, it would have a 10 if it was just a normal cleanser meant to take all makeup off.

B. has also recently brought out a collection with MUA Cassie Lomas, which I might give a try because it looks gorgeous and glowy. B.’s tagline on the Superdrug site reads, “Created using insider expertise, the B. Makeup range consists of the products and know-how to help everyone become their own makeup artist”. I really feel that B. has been created to improve the appearance of skin with mainly natural makeup and make the customer feel much more confident. On the Superdrug there are 4 phases that relate to your age, so they have tailored difference products towards specific age groups, 20’s/30’s/40’s/ and products suitable for all like the Hyaluronic acid spray.

  1. (20’s and 30’s) aims to prevent signs of ageing and encourage hydration.
  2. (late 30’s and 40’s) aims to boost radiance and reduce fine lines.
  3. (late 40’s and 50’s) targets wrinkles whilst firming the skin.
  4. (50+) improves elasticity, brighten skin and stimulates collagen.

The whole range is also currently all 1/2 price! All the products are also unscented so they won’t harm your skin if it’s sensitive like mine, and I’m so impressed that everything is cruelty free and vegan. Before I began buying products like this I assumed that all good makeup wasn’t cruelty free because you couldn’t get good quality makeup or skincare, but this brand really proves that wrong. I will definitely be trying more things from B. I’ve bought something else from them every time i’ve been into town, i’ve got Matt into the brand, and I hope I’ve encouraged someone else to try it as well ☺️


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