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Beauty Storage Hacks: Student Friendly

I doubt there’s many Uni students out there that actually have big rooms, and the right amount of storage. Unfortunately for our student house, none of the beds have under-bed storage, they’re more like mattress boxes pushed together. After 3 years of moving from student accommodation to student accommodation, I feel i’ve mastered the art of storing the excessive amount of stuff I bring  to Uni each year, and fitting it into small rooms. These hacks are small and handy ones that mean you have easy access to all things beauty related. If you click on the italicised text, it’ll take you straight to the product on Amazon.

Dressing Table Hacks:

We’re gonna start with my favourite. I’m an almost daily eyelash wearer, I always bin the boxes and I used to just throw them onto my trinket tray with all of my jewellery. Not any more my friends, I can’t remember who I saw using one of these pots, but as soon as I saw it I thought “I bet lashes would fit in there” and they just about do! I got my pill box from Amazon for less than £1 and it’s the handiest thing ever. No more losing my eyelashes or finding them stuck to my watch! 

  • I reckon most people do this already, but I use old candle jars for my makeup brushes and eyeliners. MUJI storage is currently a massive trend, but it’s ridiculously overpriced for something that is essentially plastic. Before these, I tried using normal glasses to get the same clear effect, but they just looked like normal glasses. Then I got really in to the Jo Malone-esque ALDI candles, and found that the pots are super easy to clean when you have burnt all of the candle, and they are the perfect size for all of my brushes. They are a lot bigger than normal glasses, which makes them look more expensive and less like old candles. ALDI also do bigger and flatter ones, and I now keep all of my beauty blenders in that jar.

  • We’ve established that clear storage is the thing. I always have bobbles everywhere, in every bag, pocket, usually on my wrist, on my desk, the floor etc. (Even though I never tie my hair up, other than for bed – weird). This has drastically changed now I have a nifty place for all things hair – this cute mason jar. I don’t have a huge collection of hair things, I can’t remember the last time I used a grip or the tiny elastic band bobbles you see in my jar, so for someone with loads of hair things you could have smaller jars with one for grips, one for bobbles etc. I like that it closes easily so if I knock it off, chances are that it won’t spill, (sturdy glass).

  • This isn’t technically a “hack” as I didn’t make it myself, but I still don’t know how I lived before this, (bit overdramatic). It’s a container for cotton pads, and I get through A LOT of cotton pads. Mine’s only from Primark, so would only have been a couple of pounds, but there are loads on Amazon. It matches all the rest of the clear storage on my dressing table, and means I don’t have to rifle through my drawers everyday for half a pack of cotton pads like I used to.

Storage Hacks:

  • My mum bought me this hanger for when I started Uni for my belts and scarves. However I only own like 1 belt and I keep scarves and bags elsewhere. I use this for vests. It’s ideal, anytime I get too hot tidying, want one for bed, or under a shirt, I know where they are. I never hang them as that takes up too much space in my already tiny wardrobe.

  • I also stored palettes in a letter organiser on my shelf, until I bought too many and had to upgrade. The letter organiser I used was from IKEA, and now I use this one I found in TK Maxx. I’ve found this one on Amazon that is very similar to my original, and since it’s thin metal you can wedge your palettes in if it’s a tight fit haha.

I hope some of these hacks will save you some space or help you get a bit more organised!






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