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The Cruelty Free Guide to Deodorant:

The Cruelty Free Guide to Deodorant:


Rue McClanahan: “Cruelty is one fashion statement we can all do without”

Most deodorants are aerosol cans, and i’m sure that most people are aware that these are harmful to the environment, but fewer people know how harmful they also are to our bodies.

Most of them have parabens in them which are linked to breast cancer, as well as aluminium. Aluminium deodorants have compounds in them which mimic estrogen and promote growth of cancer cells. It is also the cause of yellow stains on clothes, which is our sweat reacting with the aluminium. They are also full of carcinogens which can cause skin irritation, kill good bacteria, and just generally not be very good. Antiperspirants temporarily ‘plug’ our sweat glands if you will, while deodorants kill bacteria living on the skin under our arms, using triclosan, and mask the smell. Common roll-on deodorants are not any safer either. Many are still tested on animals as well! At the rate some of us apply and get through deodorant, using it several times a day, this could have a negative effect on our overall health after years of constant reapplication.

Despite this, a lot of people continue to use their harmful deodorants as non-toxic ones have a reputation of smelling weird or not being as sweat-proof. I haven’t tried any myself, however I have read multiple reviews on them and intend to try one myself when I next run out.

Cruelty Free Deodorants:

  • Schmidt’s
  • Lush Deodorant Powder
  • The Body Shop 
  • Lavera
  • Crystal
  • Tom’s of Maine
  • Tarte’s Clean Queen
  • Dr. Organic
  • Weleda
  • Salt of the Earth

There are also deodorant stones, wipes, and recipes to make your own! These deodorants are also not much different in price to regular ones, the most expensive coming at £10 but most being around the £4 mark. Soft & Gentle have a 0% aluminium spray as well if you are not concerned with animal testing free products. Check out Holland & Barrett next time you’re in town.

Whilst there have been rumours for years about the negative effects of deodorant and links to cancer etc, Cancer Research UK posted that ‘there is no good evidence that aluminium in deodorants could increase the risk of cancer in animals or humans’. Since science and technology is constantly evolving there could be a link discovered in the future, so if you can reduce your risk of cancer, why wouldn’t you?


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