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Review: Obsessed Cosmetics

I’m always on the hunt for new cruelty-free brands to try, and I love supporting small businesses and funding peoples dreams. I’ve seen Obsessed Cosmetics dotted around on Instagram but I’d never really taken much notice.

That is, until I had my makeup done by MUA Callum Cairns. I have been following Callum for ages, he’s amazingly talented. When I suggested using him for a shoot, and he accepted, I couldn’t wait for him to glam me up. Boy did he not disappoint, he really surprised me as well by using mainly drugstore products. I love when MUA’s do this because it’s easy to replicate the exact same look yourself. Callum is really into cruelty-free makeup himself and told me all about Obsessed Cosmetics, his friends brand. He used their Creme highlighter on me and I was, as the name suggests, obsessed. If it’s good enough for Callum, it’s good enough for me!

I logged onto the site the morning after and used his code (CALCAIRNS15) for money off 3 items. Everything on there is cruelty-free and hand pressed if a powder product. I love their slogan, “ANY AGE, ANY GENDER, ANY RACE”, it really makes the brand seem inclusive and accepting. The exact kind of people I want to give my money to.

Obsessed Cosmetics features products for lips, eyes, cheeks, brows, eyelashes, and lots of glitter. I already knew I had to get the highlighter Callum used on me, it looked absolutely gorgeous and lasted for ages. I know a good highlighter when I see one! The other items that caught my eye were a marble mini highlighter in Quartz, which is slightly holographic, and a metallic eyeshadow in Burnt Rose. I’ve bought hand pressed products before and been disappointed at the dustiness of them, but not Obsessed.

Creme Highlighter:

Creme is a perfect pale gold with next to no fallout on the skin.

Quartz Mini Highlighter:

Quartz is a mix of pink and gold which creates a rose gold effect when applied to the skin.

Burnt Rose Metallic Eyeshadow:

Their products are all so well pressed that they are actually creamy. They also all work well with and without a wet brush. Burnt Rose is absolutely beautiful and reflective.

Not only are these products amazing, but they are also incredibly reasonably priced. The large Creme highlighter is £10, the mini Quartz highlighter is £6 and the eyeshadow is £4.50. The delivery is also very quick.

Overall, I am very impressed with Obsessed Cosmetics. The quality, price and packaging of the products is all brilliant and I cannot fault them. I am also going to try them all as eyeshadows as I know they will look amazing in a cut crease look.

Seriously, check them out and use Callum’s code for money off! MUA’s also get 40% off, you can really tell that this brand cares about their customers. What more could you want?

Good things really do come in small packages!

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