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Easy & Wintery Eye Makeup

by terry ombre blackstarby terry ombre blackstarby terry ombre blackstar

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it!”

That’s what I told myself, as I added the ByTerry Ombre Blackstar into my basket…

I recently purchased the shade Frozen Quartz and have been inspired to put on eyeshadow everyday since. I created this makeup look this morning for a day that consisted of a lecture on political discourse, and waiting online for the Gymshark sale. In my opinion it is simple enough to wear for a casual day as there are not many makeup products involved, but is also evening appropriate.

I first set my eyeshadow base with my Collection 24hr concealer in the lightest shade. Then, I used my Morphe 35T Palette and used the first shade in it all over my lid. This shade has subtle hues of purple and is easily buildable. After a wash of colour, I focused my brush onto my outer crease in order to deepen the shade.

morphe 35t palette

(The palette is upside down in this photo, oops! I used the bottom right shade first, and the middle purple shade on the top row)

Next, I used the ByTerry Ombre Blackstar in the centre of my lid, almost like a halo eye, and smudged it out with my finger.

by terry ombre blackstar

I then used the dark purple shade at the bottom of the palette on a small brush and put a small amount in the corner of my crease and blended it out, being careful not to hide all the initial transition shade.

I used a black eyeliner pencil by essence in my water and tight line, which is super smooth and black (and cruelty free).


I applied the FleurDeForce ‘Fleur Loves’ 3/4 lashes. I love these lashes, they are the easiest i’ve found to apply and look super natural as they have a really thin lash band.

fleur deforce fleur loves 3/4 lashes

Final step was winged eyeliner, a step I rarely leave the house without. I used this felt tip liner, mainly because I just want to use it up. I like the liner itself however this is my third of this eyeliner as the end frays so isn’t as crisp after a while, which is a bit crap. However, this isn’t cruelty free so i’ll have to find an alternative anyway.

I then used the first shade again underneath my eye, and the ByTerry cream eyeshadow underneath my eye in the inner corner.

To finalise, I applied a few coats of the Benefit Roller Lash on my lower lashes, and one on my top lashes to blend my natural lashes in with the falsies.

benefit roller lash

All-in-all, its’ a super quick and effective makeup look, and perfect for Christmassy things. I even got a couple of compliments on it from girls in my lecture!


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