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Review: Armed & Gorgeous Palette | Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Part 1

I am SO BEHIND on this, I’ve had the Vault collection since it was released in August but I moved that weekend so it just got put away. I wanted to really do these palettes justice, so I’m going to do a review for each individual palette (4 in total). Mainly because you can buy them individually if you would like. I first heard of Jaclyn Hill when I bought her original Morphe palette and decided to follow her on instagram. That led to twitter, YouTube, snapchat, and now I’m obsessed.

I really trust her products and her opinions, so I bought all 4 palettes without fault. The Vault collection is made up of shades that she didn’t include in her original palette.

The first one we are going to discuss today is the glitzy Armed and Gorgeous palette. This palette is made up of yellows, oranges, greens, golds, it’s very autumnal.


First of all, the quality is amazing. I know that she had the whole issue with her first batch of palettes, but I trust that this was fixed because I love mine. It blends really well, there’s a tiny bit of fall out, but when is there never any? Especially in a palette with bright colours. Although I didn’t get any with the shimmery shades. It’s really easy to pack a lot of colour on. It really is as good as the original palette but in a smaller, handier size.

Let’s run through the colours;

Top Row: VIP (icy white shimmer)

Access (matte turmeric gold)

Gilt Trip (gold leaf shimmer)

Coin (glitzy gold sheen)

Agent (matte saffron)

Bottom Row: Top Secret (matte absinthe green)

Smooth Criminal (matte cognac)

Secure (matte tangerine)

Prowl (matte dark truffle)

Classified (shimmering burnt gold)

I like that the Vault collection is split into 4 colour palettes as it suits everyone. Countless looks can be created from every palette. I personally cannot also think of another palette that features this mixture of colours,


It’s also a really decent price at £49 for all 4, or £15 each. One main benefit of these smaller palettes is that they have a mirror in them, which the original palette doesn’t have. The outside packaging is also beautiful, although I know this is irrelevant to the general usage of the palette but it satisfies my magpie tendencies.


All in all, this is such a beautiful palette and I know I will use it lovingly. For me, it’s not an every day colour palette but I love it for a special occasion. I have used it to do other people’s makeup and it’s really fun to play with! Even if you don’t use it every day, it’s still worth the occasional glam look for only £15.

Thank you for reading 🙂 


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